I was so happy to find the Rye Y this year! We moved from South Africa two years ago and the Rye Y has accommodated us and made us feel very welcome. My 6-year-old daughter, Alexia, went to summer camp and loved it. She keeps talking about it. She learned how to swim at camp. Now she is a good swimmer – better than me! She especially loved the field trips every week and would come home happy and tired. Every day she couldn’t wait to tell me about her day and her new friends. She has so many playdates from her camp friends. When we walk around Rye, people call out her name – I can’t believe how many people she knows from camp!

The Rye Y has really opened up our lives. Alexia goes to Fun Club on school vacation days and likes seeing the staff she knows from camp. And I bring her to Child Watch when I exercise. She will definitely be back at camp next year.

The Y has changed me too. I started with the Zumba class on Saturdays. It was so fun! I was lost at first but just loved the energy. After that I said, let me just try the treadmill. I started coming twice a week. After class I had so much energy, I went to the Fitness Center. People started noticing the positive change in me. My body has taken on a new shape. I feel so motivated and I have so much more energy. I’m so excited about my experience here!

The Rye Y has changed both of us and our everyday lives!