A year ago we moved to Rye Brook from Massachusetts. We are a family of five with kids ages 7, 9 and Ethan is almost 2. We were drawn to the area because of the great schools and because my husband’s family lives nearby. My in-laws are members of the Rye Y and brought us here. We enrolled our two older children in swim lessons right away. Being from Cape Cod, they already knew how to swim, but didn’t know many strokes. They have both progressed nicely and our older child was able to pass the swim test for sailing school.

My husband exercises in the Fitness Center and sometimes meets his parents here. I just started “Gym and Swim” with Ethan. It’s the first thing he’s done here. He went from being scared of the water to jumping in on his own. He is comfortable underwater now and blowing bubbles!

I teach in the city at the NYU School of Visual Arts and it isn’t easy to find time to exercise here. I’m still running outside. We tried Child Watch once last spring. As nice as the staff was, Ethan didn’t want me to leave. But now he waves to them. I’ll have more time in the spring and we’ll try again then. I’m looking forward to Family Swim and Family Gym as the weather gets colder. It has been so wonderful to come here as a family.