In the late 80s, I used to work at the Y at the front desk. I left the Y and started to work for the postal service delivering mail. My daughters were taking gym classes and swim classes here at the Y. When I retired, I started to look for a part time job and applied at the Y. A few months later, I started working again at the member service desk.

Working at the Y has helped me break out of my comfort zone. I really am a shy person and have trouble talking to those who I don’t know. Since working at the member service desk, I have to talk to people on a regular basis. It has helped me be more confident and build relationships with people I don’t know.

Swimming at the Y is a big part of my family. My two daughters were non-swimmers and are now comfortable in the water. This year they took part in gymnastics camp and came home every day showing off the skills they had learned.

The Y has made my family involved in their programs and with the community by offering them a place to go and things to do instead of being on their phones or watching television. The Y brings the community together and makes us all feel like we belong!