I started in Membership at the Rye Y in February 2016. I was interested in the job because it seemed like there was a real sense of community here that was missing from my previous job. Since I have a degree in Sociology, I thought it was a great way to connect my job to my field of study, build skills, and even work on myself. I think it’s really important to feel connected with your workplace and the Rye Y felt like a place where I could grow long-term and make good connections with people.

I have met so many wonderful and polite staff and members. It makes it a really friendly atmosphere and it’s nice to feel at home when you come through the door. Now that I’m part of the Y- USA Membership Cohort, I feel I am on the right path to becoming more involved and immersed in what goes on and am able to give my input and start to make my own imprint on the community and culture.

As a member, I have taken indoor cycling with Lisa. Since I have worked with Lisa in Membership, it was really nice to see a familiar face and it made me feel comfortable. I imagine other members feel the same way. I have made friends here with the staff at the Membership desk and also have made good bonds with members over time at the front desk.

My personal goals are working on becoming more in shape and health-conscious. The Rye YMCA definitely is a place where I can focus on bettering myself and achieving those goals.