I joined the Rye Y ten years ago with two babies. The staff was so kind and there was such a sense of community here. I took yoga constantly. All the instructors really inspired me, and I looked forward to that time to regroup and rest.

Several years ago I became a certified instructor and began teaching yoga as a volunteer at West Point, both cadets and families, and now I’ve been hired by the Department of Defense. I teach there every weekend and also teach at local schools. Now that I’ve had enough teaching experience, I’ve started as a substitute yoga teacher here at the Y, and will be teaching a yoga class for ages 8-12. That is a perfect age to learn yoga and meditation.

For me, the message of yoga is to be kind and respect yourself. You learn how to connect your breath with movement. With school age kids it is about balancing their nervous systems –about leaving their stress on the mat and going about life. We are all new to the practice each time we arrive on our mat. We bring new challenges, new joys, and new concerns – giving ourselves the tools to deal with each moment in life.

I love being back here as a teacher and being part of a community of health and wellness. I feel like I’ve come full circle!