I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in March 2014. I started chemo and in June 2014 I received a bone marrow transplant. I needed a wig because my hair fell out so I went to the Wig Exchange at the Beauty Bar. I learned about the LIVESTRONG [at the YMCA] program there. I spoke with Tanya and in February 2015 I joined LIVESTRONG. I had a great experience and met a lot of wonderful people and survivors. It was a warm environment.

I couldn’t work because my immune system was suppressed. It was helpful to have a daily schedule and the Y helped with that. I could work out, socialize, volunteer…being at the Y helped my days go by quicker.

I became a member of the Y in May 2015 after I completed the LIVESTRONG program. I still keep in touch with my LIVESTRONG buddies and volunteer when I have time. I returned to work in September 2016.

I love the group classes at the Y, especially Zumba. I didn’t know I loved Zumba until I started coming to the Y. At first I had a hard time, but I got better and better with each class. Some of the side effects of chemotherapy are my knees hurt. I enjoy the water exercise classes that are easy on my knees and love that there are so many choices.

Being part of the Y has help aid my recovery process physically and spiritually. Coming to the Y gives you a purpose – you get out, socialize and get healthy. It’s been such a positive. I feel horrible when I can’t get here.

The Rye Y feels like home.