I came to the Rye YMCA in June with my friend because we were looking for more opportunities to exercise. I met Laura Laura in the fitness center, and when she learned that I was a cancer survivor, she told me about the Rye Y’s LIVESTRONG program. I meet with our group two times a week and work with our trainers Sally, Diane, and sometimes Denise who have all been wonderful and very helpful. They work us really hard, but that’s exactly what I need!

This is my second time battling cancer and I’m only six months out of treatment so I am unfortunately kind of used to the process, but my LIVESTRONG group has been like a support group to me, and of course keep me company during the hard work part!

I try to come twice a week outside of my LIVESTRONG appointments too. My favorite thing that I’ve tried here outside of the LIVESTRONG program is the Aqua Fitness. Sheila, Barbara, and Natalie’s classes are great and I try to come every Tuesday and Friday.

What I love most about the Rye Y is that everyone is so friendly. The staff is always super helpful. When I was a new member, the fitness center staff came up to me and showed me how to use all of the equipment. If I take a class, the instructors are sure to modify the exercises to match my strengths, which is great for someone like me who has arthritis. Even the other members from the Aqua Fitness classes are friendly and always say “hello” when I see them.

Even though I’ve been a member for a relatively short time, it has been a really valuable experience for me. I want to spread the word to my doctor and the community about how great and helpful the LIVESTRONG program has been for me so more people have the amazing opportunity that I did!