I retired early from my position as a Director of Special Education in Pelham. I had leukemia and a stem cell transplant. After my recovery, I couldn’t continue a job with so many hours. It is much harder when you are older to return to work after a stem cell transplant. A friend told me about the Rye Y and I joined six or seven years ago.

I love the women here, the water classes and the teachers. I’ve been getting stronger, working on cardio and toning muscles. I have a problem with my knees so the aqua jog is a great way to get aerobics. The experience goes beyond the classes I take. We have activities outside class and have several luncheons every year.

I love the Rye Y and come here faithfully. The staff is always warm and helpful. There is a strong sense of community here. I like how the Y focuses on children and people of all ages.