We moved to Rye from Mamaroneck in 1962. I used to come to the Y after school–I remember being here the day that JFK died. My father used to meet me at the Midland Annex on School Street to give me my gym shorts and sneakers and then I would come here to the Y. If the weather was warm, we would get to play outside instead of in the gym. We used to play softball where the parking lot is now. On Saturdays, I played basketball, too. I did this until about the 8th grade then stopped coming.

Years later, sometime in the early 90’s, my mother gave me a membership to the Y as a Christmas gift and I’ve been coming ever since. I usually just lift weights. I see people here, you get to see the same people and know them. I usually stay for an hour. If the gym is empty I might even stay for two hours.