I joined the Rye Y when the new pool opened. I use the fitness center, swim and also go to yoga and Pilates classes at the Wainwright. My favorite is the 8 am Pilates class. It is a good wake-up call for me. I’m moving to New Jersey later this month and will miss it here. It is a terrific facility and a friendly environment.

My routine here is to first go upstairs to the fitness center for a 28-minute workout on the AMT. That uses up 350 calories. Then I take a shower and swim 6 laps plus a kickboard lap in the pool. Then I shower, take a sauna for 15 minutes (my reward) and shower again. At this point I’ve been in so much water, I feel like a frog!

The best part of the day is around 11 am, when I’m in my office and I put my head on my hand. I can smell the chorine and I think – Yes, I worked out at the Y!