My family and I live in Mamaroneck and joined the YMCA about two years ago.

When initially looking for a gym we were seeking a place that was family-friendly and offered a variety of programs and services for our four year-old twins. The Rye YMCA was the perfect place. Working out and eating healthy has become a big part of our life. My goal is to teach our kids the importance of being active and to help them become more conscious of what they eat; really just to have healthy habits overall as they grow.

On the weekends, while we work out, they stay in the playroom interacting and socializing with other kids. Afterwards, we spend time with them in the game room where we play air hockey, read books, do puzzles, and build with Legos. We also enjoy spending time playing in the gym during open gym hours. We usually like to play basketball or do relay races.

My workout regimen consists of taking Zumba and Barre classes at the YMCA and the Wainwright House, combined with resistance training. The YMCA really does a great job of encouraging their members to work out by providing challenges for us to participate in. I participated in the October challenge and ended up being the stair climber winner! I’m very proud of that because prior to the challenge, I had not been on a stair climber; however, I knew I was in good shape, saw the challenge posted and said “you know what, let me do it.” I challenged myself to beat my own record each time, I was on that stair climber. The best part is that I have incorporated this exercise in to my workout regimen.

By sticking to a strict exercise regimen and eating a healthy diet, I’ve lost 12 pounds in two months. My goal is to continue at this pace while enhancing my endurance and building lean muscles.

There’s a great family atmosphere here at the YMCA. It’s a great environment for parents and their kids. You can really tell that families enjoy coming here by seeing smiles on the kids’ faces. The classes that you offer for kids are also wonderful. There is a true sense of family here, and for us, family is our number one priority; you just don’t get this atmosphere at other places.

I want to thank the YMCA for offering great classes, hiring qualified instructors, and the opportunity to be able to share this experience with my family. I’m extremely thankful for that.