I grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, raised by a single mom on welfare. Now I feel privileged to live in Rye. About ten years ago, I moved to a five-minute walk from the Y and this was the gym for me.

Wherever I live I have to find a place to work out. When my wife and I checked out the Y fitness center, and I mentioned that the dumb bells only went to 85 lbs., Brian, who was showing us around, asked me if I worked out. I come six days a week, mostly to lift weights, and I’m glad the dumbbells go up to 100 lbs. now. After my workout I go to the train. The Y’s location is perfect.

We have a family membership. My wife takes classes and uses the fitness center. I bring my kids with me on the weekend to use the Expresso bikes in the annex. My family has been running in the Rye Derby together for the past five years.

We loved having the babysitting services when my kids were younger. It was very convenient and the women there are always really friendly. Even though I work out with my headphones on, usually listening to public radio, I am friendly with lots of the people at the Y and I like to engage with others when it comes to working out or discussing parenting.

Even if I can’t take advantage of all the services that the Y provides, I’m glad to know they’re there.