We joined as a family of five. We have three boys, including a set of twins. We joined the Y as it is intended to be – a place to get out, do things and be part of the hub of the community. We wanted the boys to participate in karate and basketball. But being a Y member is also about being amongst your neighbors.

I have two gym memberships. One gym is in my office building. If it’s truly about the gym, I would use that one but I don’t. The Rye Y offers intangibles that the other gym can’t provide. There is the sense of “I know you” when you see people outside of the Y that you recognize from here. I love the notion of community. Even though there is proximity to my other gym, the Rye Y provides way more value.

We come to the Y to get moving and for the boys to play sports. We will be looking to participate in things like Pilates, Yoga, etc…all doing something as a family. I love that you’re not tied to one thing. The Y offers ancillary things too like the pools and workshops. We want to find activities to do together as a family and the Rye Y offers that.

They say a tide raises all ships and the Rye Y is that tide.