I was nine months old when I started coming here. I started with Armelle or Tatum’s class. I started doing the baby classes and now I’m on the team. My mom asked if I wanted to do any sports and I picked gymnastics and basketball. Last year, I did basketball, swimming, and gymnastics here. Now I just do gymnastics and dance.

I made a lot of friends being on the team. Some people I knew, but some I became friends with. My neighbor told me she wanted to do gymnastics, but was afraid because I was on crutches, but then I told her ‘you get bumps and bruises’ but she should still try it.

Something I’ll always remember is getting onto pre team. I was really excited. Dominique, a coach here, told me I should try out one day at Summer Camp, so I did. Gymnastics camp was really fun. It was like classes but more; we would do contests and games, and stuff.