I started my career at age 16 in France. I was in a training program to work with children in music and theatre. At 19, I left for the business world and moved to New York and became a placement recruiter. Later, I went back to France and studied psychology and early elementary education.
I worked for over a year in Guatemala managing a large staff in an orphanage. It was a great experience but I realized that I wanted to work directly with kids. That’s when I founded Armelle’s Language Studio. We worked with all ages from six months to adult. I had to focus more and more on management, which I didn’t enjoy, so I sold the business.

The Rye Y was very key to my transition. I love working directly with children and families. My classes here are about bringing families together to discover new worlds of music while discovering rhythms, styles, instruments and cultures. To me, music is a mind-opening experience. I just got two new Bodhran instruments –which are Irish drums. I’m so excited about sharing them in class! The feedback I get is that my classes are different from other music classes. We play music to further cognitive development as well as for the spiritual experience.

I love working at the Rye Y! There is a sense of really good team work, a real sense of community. Everyone says hello and has a good sense of humor. I really love it. It has never wavered. We’ve had changes here, but the core feeling, the sense of community is always there.