16-VivianChenWe live in Rye Brook and starting coming because of my little one, Sidney, who is two now. When he was one, I started to feel the need to do something with him out of the house so he wouldn’t drive me crazy at home. He wanted to go out all the time. And in the winter it’s cold and we needed an activity. He likes water so I thought we could try swim lessons at the Y. We also came to Baby and Me gym. It’s nice to have a chance to get out together because I was going nuts trying to create activities to keep him entertained. Today we are going to music class, which Sidney enjoys. I was worried that he doesn’t participate, but when he gets home he picks up his little guitar and says “I’m the teacher” and mimics his teacher.

When he was younger, I would put him in childcare for a half hour at a time so I could go to the gym. He was having separation anxiety, but I am happy that we tried. I want to try again but he only speaks Chinese and would not be able to communicate. It will be interesting to try again.

I’m very happy that the membership is flexible. We have to go back to Taiwan at times and I can stop the membership and restart it. We are still able to come here and go to classes and I’m very grateful for that! I feel like at his age he is exposed to the environment at the Y and is very happy to try new things.

Laura Laura showed us around when we first came to the Y and she became my friend. I’m so happy for her and her little girl. Sidney’s first Halloween was at the Y. We wanted to dress him up and take him somewhere and the Y was a great place.

The Y suits us. It’s a small, low-key community that isn’t fancy and we like it here.