16-SamanthaBroutI became a member about two years ago after the pool at the New Rochelle Y closed. I was at that Y at the exact moment the ceiling collapsed. You never saw so many gray-haired ladies get out of a pool so fast! The Rye Y offered a trial period for New Rochelle members so we could use the pool here.

I felt like family from day 1. By my second day here, they were calling me by name. I have a bad knee and a bad back, so I haven’t been able to do any land classes. But I do the aqua classes every day, five days a week and sometimes Saturdays. I missed a day and the life guard asked ‘are you o-k?’ Nobody else does that. After retiring, I had no purpose. The aqua classes get me out of the house and give me incentive to eat right. I view this as almost like my job.

I’ve felt very welcome here, especially from the staff. Everyone is very genuine. The facility is kept so clean and run so well. Everything is kept perfect here. And everybody cares—it feels like an organization that cares about people.