16-Michael-WoolfolkMichael moved his family to Rye from Manhattan four months ago. He and his wife Eniko have two children, a 13-year old boy Artem and a three-year-old girl Victoria. They enjoy spending time together as a family, and value health and fitness. When Michael and Eniko explored the many health clubs around Rye, they chose the Rye Y because of its family-oriented programs. From day care to swimming classes to the fitness center to the ExerZone, the Rye Y reflects the values that the Woolfolks believe in.

Michael is a member of the Civil Air Patrol, the civilian volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, and squadron commander of its Manhattan unit. Artem is a member of Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouts, and is committed to becoming an Eagle Scout. Exercise, healthy living and community service are values the Woolfolk’s want to impart upon their children. They want to do it in a way that the children can understand and relate to, which is what makes the Y special to them.

“Artem and Victoria are learning new things every day at the Y, and it is so nice to know that they are having fun in a safe environment where they can learn and grow. It’s just priceless,” said Michael. “Our kids are at a stage where they need good influences, and we can find that at the Rye Y. Joining is one of the best things that I could do for myself, my wife and my family. It’s the heart of Rye, in my opinion.”