Age 7
16-Kendall-KarenI started swimming at the Y when I was 6 months old in the baby classes. Since then, I finished all the levels in the swim program at the Y, except for the Shark class. I didn’t complete Shark because I started swimming on the Wave Ryeders Conditioning Swim Team in the spring. This year, I started swimming on the competitive swim team and I really like it! This is my first year on the team and I think that it’s great!

I have been in a lot of the classes and really like having Peter as a teacher because he is so funny and makes classes fun. I thought that swimming on the team was going to be so hard but it is great practicing. Coach Judy helps me with my diving and I really like to swim freestyle. Some of my challenges have been getting tired but I am working hard in practices to get faster.

I also do Gymnastics at the Y and really like it a lot as well. Kayla was my favorite coach and helped me with a lot of my skills like cartwheels and back kick over. I’m so happy I ended up at the Rye Y!

Karen Konigsberg (Mom)

Kendall really is a product of the Y swim lessons. The instructors at the Y encouraged and challenged her and she moved up quickly through the different classes. Now that Kendall is on the swim team she loves the challenge of swimming competitively. And I love that the flexible practice schedule allows her to do so while still having the time to participate in other activities and sports that she enjoys.