16-Jim-Iris-LoreJim: We joined the Rye Y nine years ago because it’s easy to get to from Mamaroneck, has a good Fitness Center and good activities for our family. Our son and daughter took swim lessons here and now our daughter is on the swim team.

Iris: And it’s very clean.

Jim: The maintenance is impressive. We appreciate the Y staying open during maintenance period; there is always one pool open.

Iris: Everyone is helpful and friendly here. And the staff in the parking lot try to keep the traffic flowing. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

Jim: There is no unused space here. It is a study in efficiency.

Iris: We like that the Y is friendly to all ages. Our kids were in ASA and Childwatch and went to summer camp here. Our daughter likes using the Fitness Center now. The instructors are excellent – Laura Laura stands out. I also like taking Yoga and Pilates classes at the Wainwright.

Jim: The Fit and Fast clinic for swimmers was great for our daughter – smaller and more personal than similar events elsewhere.

Iris: There is a sense of community at the Y; it’s more than just a place to work out. I like that you can get your blood pressure taken here. All the activities are amazing – so much is always going on.

Jim: It is a nice sense of community. I always donate blood when you have the blood drives with White Plains Hospital.

Iris: The Y is progressive and always keeps up.