Age 15
16-JacksonHaffnerMy brothers and I have been swimming on the Wave Ryeders Competitive Swim Team for about seven years now. I have a twin brother, Riley and a younger brother Rowan and we all love swimming on this team. I typically come to practice about four times a week but sometimes come five days. I work hard in practices and really like the two-hour practices because they have really helped me improve my times. Since the Y started offering two-hour practices for my age group I have seen my backstroke time get better. I have a new best time because of my practices, which is great!

The team here at the Y has helped me get ready for my high school team. I really like the Grand Prix team meets that we have here at the Y because it helps you see what your base times are so you can get better and faster. The team is great because there are awards, team spirit, and a lot of cheering on during dual meets!

Tracy (Mom)

We love the Rye Y Wave Ryeders swim team! We travel from Scarsdale to Rye because this team is really great! There are so many opportunities and the practice schedules have really helped us. The team is welcoming and supportive of all swimmers, which really builds a great team.