16-GuyZeregaMy daughter lives in Mamaroneck and belongs here with her family so I was familiar with the Rye Y. When I moved to Rye two years ago, I joined. My dad grew up in Rye, on Milton Road. Coming here was like a return to a piece of family history. It felt very comfortable.

Let me start with the staff. There is always a welcoming, smiling face greeting me when I come in. It’s a warm welcome upstairs too. The way you enter puts you in a good mood. I’ve become friends with some of the folks on the Fitness Center floor. I play golf with George. It’s all part of the friendly atmosphere. The staff is always very available to help.

The Rye Y offers so much. It is a resource to keep me healthy. I still haven’t met the challenge of taking advantage of it all. I like to swim and am kicking myself – get in the pool – but I haven’t yet.

I’m happily surprised at my ability to perform as well as I did 10 years ago. Exercising has extended my good health and physical vigor. There is the mental aspect also. When I have a good workout I leave with a mental payoff. My disposition towards the day is enhanced.

The kids are great. I enjoy passing by Child Watch and waving at the kids. Lots of nurturing, love, care and joy are happening in the faces of children. The Y seems to serve the seven ages of man, from infant to elderly. If the Y’s mission is to serve the community in as broad a way as possible, then it has succeeded.

I am looking forward to being here for a LONG time.