16-GregFauciMy wife used to work here and got me a job as a swim instructor in 2001. It was a part-time job for me while I was in college. I really liked teaching kids to swim. That feeling of gratification changed my career path and I decided to become a teacher. Now I teach science to 7th graders.

In 2005 I came back again – this time working part time in Member Services. I get to greet and interact with members. I’ve befriended a lot of people over the years and know them on a first name basis. I know who the Yankee fans are, who the sports fans are. I look forward to seeing the members who always come in at the same time every week. It’s a relaxing time for me after teaching 7th grade science all day.

My daughter Lily is seven and has been participating in gym and swim here for years. This summer was her fourth summer in camp. My son MJ just started camp this summer. They love it! I live in Mamaroneck so I see my daughter’s classmates and parents here often. They know me as Greg from the Rye YMCA and sometimes call my wife or me at home when they have questions about the Y.