16-EmilioEscaladasI currently live in Rye, very close to the YMCA. About 15 years ago I arrived at the Rye Y with my four children to attend swimming and gymnastics classes. It felt like a safe and protected place for us to do some sports activities, which was key to building my children’s character. At present, they all have completed high school, attended college and are now working professionals.

In the past, I wasn’t such an active member at the Y and I didn’t go to gyms for years. I started swimming again about 1 ½ years ago at another facility, but I wasn’t using it as much and it wasn’t as practical. I then decided to rejoin the Y and I now swim four times per week.

It has been a springboard for me to get back into fitness and reassess my health, diet and quality of life, which has drastically improved since cutting down on things like bread and food products that are high in fat. Wheat grass shots were also included in my diet and now I have achieved balance between my work as an architect/running a construction company and fitness.

I watched the NY Marathon last weekend because my niece entered the race. It was so inspiring that I thought to myself, “I should be running, I should be there, I have to do it!”

I have now set a goal to participate in the Rye Y Derby in 2016.