16-BradSassenbergI rejoined the Rye Y about a year ago after having heart failure in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Each time I had been found, I was in an unconscious, collapsed state. Each time I was brought back to life, I realized that this must be a gift.

I started doing the Rye Y handicap swim class, since I am a disabled senior citizen. I wanted to check out everything about the Rye Y so a membership services staff took me for a tour. I really liked the look of the Wellness Center so I joined right away!

I love working out and lifting weights. The trainers at the Rye Y provide helpful tips for exercise routines. Because of this, I have gained strength. I now work out four times per week for 1 ½ hours each time. All of the staff members are very friendly and helpful. The Wellness staff members (Rebecca, Laura, Peter) have really helped me with my routines and techniques. Lifting weights and building muscles has made me a stronger person. I am finally developing a healthy lifestyle.

The Rye YMCA has given me a new life and I hope and pray that I can continue on this journey.