16-Bonnie-HallI retired five years ago to take care of my grandchildren who were not in school yet. I am touched at how friendly everyone is at the Y and how many activities there are for seniors. I started water aerobics and love the instructors. It’s a wonderful way to start your day.

I wanted to do something for myself. I often start something enthusiastically, but will miss a session here or there. No matter how many sessions I missed, I was always welcomed back by the staff.

This last year has been a turn-around for me…the year of me. My grandchildren are now in full time school. I started Weight Watchers at the Y and have been losing weight. I have made new friendships at the Y, including my Weight Watchers friends.

Losing 30 pounds has made a real difference in my life – I now have a bounce in my step. The Y has changed my life. Retirement is difficult because there isn’t any structure. The Y gives me structure.

The staff members are polite, kind people. I cannot say enough about the organization. Laura Laura is exceptional. She helped me with exercising and nutrition. She stuck with me and I am very appreciative.

The Y has become an integral part of my day.