16-BenRoathThis is my second year on the Wave Ryeders swim team. At practice, I like to go swimming and really like seeing my friends that I’ve made on the team. While I didn’t really enjoy swimming so much when I first joined the team, now I really like it and think it’s a really good sport to be involved in. Since joining the team, I’ve improved my strokes and technique and see that my times are getting faster in breaststroke and backstroke. I’m still working on improving butterfly and freestyle. The coaches are very nice and Coach Paul and Coach Peter are two of my favorites because they are so funny. They have really helped me get faster.

I do other activities and sports, but swimming is great because the team really cheers you on. At a meet, even if you’re one of the last swimmers, everybody still stays on deck and shouts and cheers you on! Not all sports are like that. I really like the parties after some of the swim meets. Swimming is great because it’s an Olympic sport and you feel really motivated by that; it’s also really fun to do in the summer with all of your friends!

Sian (Ben’s mom): As a parent, I love the Wave Ryeders! It is a real community swim team. Ben loves swimming, but he also does gymnastics, running and diving and it is possible for him to do all these sports as well as swimming with the Wave Ryeders as he is not required to swim every day. He also enjoys the social side, which includes Halloween and Christmas parties.