16-BarbaraArgyI was working for IBM in the 80s when they started a “plan for life” for their employees, in order to get fit. The programs included smoking cessation, psychological assessments, and fitness. As a former competitive swimmer and diver in Buffalo, I decided on the Aquatics Fitness Program. Within a short time at the White Plains YMCA, I became a Volunteer Aquatics Instructor. I have now been teaching aquatics for 32 years.

In the summer of 2012, I became an Aquatics Instructor for the Rye Y. I have had breast cancer, cataract surgery, and I also lost my husband to ALS. Throughout my ordeals, the Rye Y has been extremely supportive and concerned.

Teaching has been my salvation. It gets me out of the house, socializing, exercising and feeling better. I love to help people and it feels so incredible when someone tells me how much better they feel after taking my classes. I love the water aerobics ‘pool crowd’ at the Rye Y. They are lots of fun and so friendly.

The key to the Rye Y is the people! They are so great and the Y is very responsive to its members!