Rye Y Story Project 2015

What is the Rye Y Story Project? The Rye Y is more than a building. It is a place where members, staff and volunteers share their hopes, their goals, and their stories with each other, making the Y a richly diverse and wonderful community. To further this sense of community, we want to hear your extraordinary story.

How Does the Story Project Work?  From Wednesday, November 4 – Saturday, November 7, Rye Y staff will be on hand in the “story booth” in the lobby to listen to, and record, your story. It will only take 10-15 minutes. You may also share your story online at www.ryeymca.org/general/tell-us-your-story.

What Kind of Story are We Looking For? What brought you to the Y? What are your goals? Your successes? Your challenges? Tell us about your Y experience. Tell us about any relationships you’ve formed here and what that’s meant to you. How has your family used the Y? We want to hear!

How Will My Story be Used?   After you share your story, a staff member will write it up in narrative form. She will then share it with you before publishing it. You will have the option of using your full name, or just your first name. Your story will be included in a Story Project exhibit at the Y. It may also be posted on our website, used in our Annual Report or Rye Y newsletter, or for fundraising purposes, but only with your permission.

Questions? Contact Lisa Tidball (lisatidball@ryeymca.org or 967-6363, ext. 130)