Rye Y Story Project: Patty

PattyBI’ve been a member for about 14 years. Our family moved here from London. I had always worked out and I needed a place to go. When I first started at the Y, I mainly did Pilates with a little Zumba, but now I only take Maiju’s Pilates classes, here at the Y and also at Wainwright. I like the weights we use twice a week as it really helps me be strong and hit a golf ball a lot further.

For the past several years, I’ve been the class D.J., creating a new mix monthly. I have to work out to music. I studied dance in college. Pilates, much like a dance warm up, flows better with music. I feel that it’s like choreography.

I would encourage everyone to try Pilates. It’s method of exercise is important for strength, tone and flexibility.

I love it the Rye Y. It’s a friendly place. It’s a real gem in Rye.