Rye Y Story Project: Nancy

NancyWe have been Rye Y members for 22 years. In the beginning we joined for the kids’ programs – swimming, gymnastics, Mommy and Me with Ellen Watermelon. The Y taught all four of my kids how to swim and all my girls took gymnastics classes here. Debbie Schiff would go through the programs that where available for my kids and then help me navigate their hectic schedules. Debbie is a lovely, genuine person, who goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Who better to greet you as you enter the Y everyday!
Approximately 20 years ago, I started taking step classes at night with Maiju and her sister-in-law, Sharon Breese. The classes were held in the old gym. I remember sneaking in through the roll-up garbage door that was located off of the parking lot. We had a lot of laughs in that class; that’s when I realized the Y was a special place for the young, old and somewhere in between!

In addition to taking step with Maiju, I also take classes instructed by Diana, J.T. and Yvette. Diana wears many hats here; she is not only an instructor. She is an extremely caring and compassionate woman, she also goes above and beyond what is asked of her. I honestly can’t say enough about all the instructors here. They are so inspirational and upbeat, they know how to drag your personal best out of you.

I love coming here not only for the exercise but also for the people. The friendships that I have made here are for life. These friendships have taken us through some good times and some bad. I had a heart attack recently and the support that I received from everyone here was amazing. My doctors told me that my commitment to exercise has really helped my recovery.

My husband and kids are still coming to the Y as well. We are members for life!! I would like to thank the YMCA staff for all of the hard work and dedication that they put in day after day. You are keeping all of your members happy and healthy!!