Rye Y Story Project: Michael T.

Michael-T-SI’m a long-term member of the Rye Y. My wife grew up in the community and introduced me to the facility. I have seen the Y grow from one pool and a few exercise machines to a state-of-the-art facility we enjoy today.

I have been active all my life. As an avid runner who once trained for Central Park races and marathons the Y fit the bill, providing me with the tools to successfully compete.
Why did I join the Y? My membership is my assurance that I will keep doing what I enjoy doing.

Regardless of where in the world I go or have been, the Rye Y’s facility is amply outfitted and the staff is consistently helpful and accommodating, making it well suited for my needs. Amazingly, this dedicated staff creates a true community as well; I know just about everyone here. I’m sure members leave this building feeling better than they did when they entered. Exercising and chatting with familiar faces improves both the body and spirit.

I have never taken my health for granted. As a responsible adult I know I have choices. The adults who come here serve as role models for the next generation, who statistics tell us are grappling with obesity. Having membership at the Y entitles me to participate in this friendly and welcoming community. Together, eating right, exercising, and interacting with one another does make an impact on the larger scene. As we are making choices to respect our bodies, and maintain healthy life styles we are collaboratively serving as positive examples for younger people. I believe giving back with compassion and encouragement is important and am proud that by helping myself at the Y I am also a part of this community effort.