Rye Y Story Project: Lise

LiseI am originally from France and joined the Rye Y this past May. I made a great friend when I moved here to Rye. Johana participates in the same Au Pair Exchange program that I do and we met via a Facebook group online. I feel the Rye Y is a huge part of our friendship and has helped it to grow. Johana and I plan to keep in touch beyond our short time here in the U.S. Many thanks to the Y for that!

The food and overall lifestyle here in NY is much different from France. It has been quite an adjustment, but it is certainly easier getting used to the changes with a friend by my side. Johana and I coordinate times and days that we can meet up, and help motivate one another to work out and stay healthy.

The fitness center staff is so helpful! They showed me how to use the machines and gave me papers explaining all the different classes they offer. Back in high school I had a knee injury from playing volleyball. It required surgery and weeks and weeks of physical therapy afterwards. Since then, I try my best to keep up with my exercise routines in order to help keep my knee strong and maintain my weight. I love coming to the Y – it’s the perfect way to keep active, strengthen my knee, and take some time for myself!