Rye Y Story Project: Leo

Leo-KI was a career naval officer and during that time served in many capacities including on aircraft carriers, stationed in Japan, living on Guam with my family, and working at the Navy Department in Washington D.C.

I’ve always exercised – in the Navy we had to run miles before breakfast and then exercise again in the afternoon. After I retired from the Navy, I was a VP at CitiCorp, executive VP at automatic Data Processing{ADP} and a presidential appointee in both the Carter and the Clinton administration responsible for implementation of many programs including the national direct student loan program, currently being used by students in all U.S. universities. I am now the managing director of an international IT consulting firm serving over 100 major universities throughout the US.

After I broke my leg a couple years ago, I started using a walker. I was on a treadmill at a gym in Florida and fell when I was getting off. Falling changed my life dramatically. I’m not as mobile as I used to be.

I used to travel internationally for CitiCorps. I flew so much that the main time I had with my family was when they traveled with me. My oldest daughter once traveled around the world with me.

My family has been a member of the Rye Y for many years. I try to come here three times a week and have a routine: I lift weights, do 30 minutes on the bike and do balance exercises. My balance is my weakness. I have to be very careful and now I’m concerned about falling again. Laura has worked with me as a Y trainer and is wonderful – loyal and helpful.

The Y is so comfortable and supportive. Other gyms are fancier but they are not the same. I was in the men’s locker room last week and spilled water on my walker seat and another member just came up and wiped it off for me. The Rye Y may not be as fancy as some of the other gyms but it’s a more welcome place. HERE’S TO THE RYE YMCA.