Rye Y Story Project: Kayla

Kayla-LI’ve been coming to the Y since I was a baby! I started out taking swim lessons at the Y and this is my second year on the team. I really like being on the swim team because I get to swim all different kinds of strokes. My favorites are freestyle and breaststroke. When I swim breaststroke, gliding makes me feel like I’m a bird in the clouds. I am most excited to be on swim team because this past month it was my first time doing butterfly in a meet and getting 3rd place! The coaches are really funny and Scott is a great coach because he teaches me and he is really nice.

I have made A LOT of new friends on the swim team and at the Y. I am friendly with everybody and I learn a lot from the older kids as well. I think that swimming in group lessons helped me be a better swimmer on the swim team today. I love being on team and can’t wait to try new sports at the Y. I really like gymnastics as well but want to continue swimming for a while.