Rye Y Story Project: Johanna

Johanna-AI am originally from Argentina, and joined the Y about five months ago in June. I moved here to Rye as part of an Au Pair exchange program. I am very happy to have met my host family and have truly enjoyed taking classes in the city, and sharing in the responsibilities with my host family’s children and housework.

The Rye Y has been a great experience for me. It is a family friendly environment and has given me the opportunity to stay in shape and keep the weight off that many exchange students dread could happen. The food in America is just so delicious – you sometimes cannot help yourself!

I usually take care of my work responsibilities in the morning and then try to make time to exercise later in the morning or early afternoon. It is so easy for me to walk here and I try to come every day. I love trying different machines in the Fitness Center and taking Zumba class with Martha. I generally meet up with my friend, Lise, to work out at the Y. We met through a Facebook group online and Lise also participates in the Au Pair exchange program here in NY. We have grown as friends throughout the past year, and having Lise to go to the gym with is a great motivation.

About a week ago I spoke to Melissa, a Y staff member, and she suggested I help volunteer with the Rye Y’s Togetherhood Committee seasonal clothing drive. I thought this was a great way to enjoy my free time, offer help and donations, and practice my English by speaking to new and interesting people. Overall, I had a very fun time giving back to the Y and the communities it helps serve.