Rye Y Story Project: Jay

Jay-BI love swimming and thought it would be good to practice year round to become a better swimmer. My mother suggested the Y. Both of my parents were big swimmers when they were growing up. They want my brother and me to enjoy this sport, too. I joined the Rye Y swim team three years ago, when I was in second grade. I have made friends at the Y. A lot of my friends come here from White Plains, where we live.

Besides the fun swimming program, I like the game room, and the gym. All of the coaches are nice. They are helping me with stroke development. My goal is to go into competition. First, I’ll be in states’ and then, move up. I already qualified in the free style. I need to qualify in the IM (Individual Medley). I have the butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke to go. I’m working on developing my time, also. I practice hard and give it my best effort.

I practice 2 or 3 times a week. I come to the Y more than that now. My brother, Christian, is also swimming here. He’s eight years old. We come here four times a week for both of us to keep improving.

The people here at the Y make the difference. I come to the Rye Y because everybody here is really good at what they do and they are all friendly. That makes the Rye Y different. Everyone here is very nice.