Rye Y Story Project: Jacqueline

Jacqueline-WThe Y became a part of my life through the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. I had finished my treatment and had been active all of my life. Cancer threw me for a loop and I didn’t know if I was still going to be active. I thought the diagnosis might change the way I live, but coming to the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program put me back on the saddle! Instead of lamenting and crying and feeling sorry for myself, I became active again by coming to the Y and Wainwright classes.

The people I’ve met are supportive and that has helped me through a really rough time. I am currently taking Tamoxifen and because it can cause weight gain, I need to focus on weight loss. Right now I feel good and I fit better into my clothes. I had a concept of the Y from a previous experience in the Bronx, but when I came to this Y my expectation was exceeded.

I love looking out over the brook and seeing the scenery outside while I’m working out. It’s a big lift! The Y is neat and clean, more than any other facility around. I am always greeted with a friendly warm hello and I made lots of friends in the classes, even when I was new; the other members were very nice.