Rye Y Story Project: Finn

IFinn-D’ve been coming to the YMCA for about 2 years now, since I moved from England. It was nice coming from England and being able to make new friends at the Y and at school. I joined summer camp for the past 2 years and this year I was in the Mighty Ducks group. I like camp because you see a lot of your friends every day and do a lot of different things with them. My favorite day of camp is the last day where there is a carnival with snow cones.

One of my friends told me he swims on the competitive swim team and told me I should try out for practice team at the Rye Y. I used to take swim lessons at the Y, but I have been on the team since trying out in the beginning of the season. My goals are to improve my breaststroke, kick and butterfly. I like to swim because it’s good for my muscles and gives me a lot of energy. I like to swim on the team because there are a lot of other kids and it is an hour instead of a 45-minute swim lesson.

The people that work here are so nice and I really like the new couches in the Game Room!