Rye Y Story Project: Cookie

CookieMost people move to Florida from this area, but I did the opposite and moved back to Mamaroneck from Winter Park, Florida eight years ago and got married. I subsequently retired but I wanted to re-connect with women of my own age so I joined the Rye YMCA. Although I originally started taking Aqua Jog classes in the Brookside pool, a torn meniscus on my knee and therapy made me go to the deep Pa Cope pool and that is where I have stayed. I attend class five days a week and it provides me with a one-hour non-stop weight and fitness training. It covers everything! I also take yoga classes at the Wainwright House and enjoy the peaceful setting.

The ladies I have met through the Aqua Jog class are like family to me. We go to lunch three times a year, attend an annual holiday party, host baby showers and even enter the lottery together – something that we have yet to win but we are not giving up!

As the Rye Y gives back to the community, I wanted to do my share and I became the Event Coordinator and Volunteer Driver for “At Home on the Sound”, a non-profit organization designed to provide people in the Mamaroneck and Larchmont community with the services to keep them living in their homes. We have educational lectures, meet with doctors, conduct home assessments and have a fundraising gala. We allow them to live with dignity and feel vital during the later stages of their life.

The Rye Y has given me great friends and the opportunity to keep working out so I can be in good shape to do anything.