Rye Y Story Project: Carl

carl-bI’ve been a member of various Ys for the last 25-30 years but the Rye Y has always been my favorite. I’ve also taken advantage of the AWAY program when I travel – I’ve used Ys in Vermont, California, Ithaca, Park Slope, Schenectady, Clifton Park.

The pool here is beautiful with the high ceiling and streaming light. It’s a very inspiring place. My wife comes here also – I had to push her to join but now she loves Yoga and Pilates at the Wainwright and swimming laps. I use the Fitness Center and the Freestyle Fitness Zone and just signed up with a trainer.

We have a family membership and my son Jared, age 8 ½, loves the summer Sports Camp. The camp is especially meaningful to him because that is where he discovered his nickname – Jay Bird. I’m jealous – what better way to spend the summer than getting to play basketball, baseball and soccer.

I love the social aspect of coming here – that gets me in the door. It’s boring and isolating to work out at home. I get support when I’m here. I’m happy the Y is celebrating 100 years – it is so meaningful to be part of that history.