Rye Y Story Project: Frederic

FredericMy family and I joined the Rye Y about one week ago, and we are very happy that we did! I am originally from France and moved to the U.S. about 2 years ago. My family moved to Rye in August from Larchmont, NY. We are still settling in to our new surroundings, and happy to have found the Rye Y which is, literally, right around the corner from us.

My wife and I were looking for a facility close to our new home that would give us the opportunity to work out, feel good, and allow my son to enjoy fun activities and meet new people his age. Thus far, my 9 year old son loves it here. He enjoys swimming most of all! My wife and I were also excited about the spinning classes when we first joined. I love to free ride in the summer, but during the winter it’s great being able to go to a spin class a few times a week.

I have been very pleased here at the Rye Y. The staff is very kind and helpful which makes our transition to Rye all the better! I have to be honest, after one year at my former sports club, my feelings do not even come close to what I have felt and received from the Rye Y in just one week. Such a positive experience in such a short time! The family friendly atmosphere, care, and sense of “home” are truly present every time you enter the building.