Rye Y Story Project: Yoshimi

YoshimiWe moved here from Tokyo and have been living in Rye for three years—my husband, my 12-year old son and me. My son is in middle school. We joined the Y as family members in July 2013.

We didn’t need to join the Y before because my son enjoys soccer in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, he plays indoor soccer and skiing. We didn’t have much time to enjoy ourselves with this type of exercise equipment.

The reason we decided to join, partly, was because of my disease. Since last spring, I’ve had joint pain everywhere, but especially in my leg and ankle. I had been walking around Rye, but the pain made it difficult to walk smoothly or exercise freely. So I had to find some other exercise.

My doctor recommended exercise by swimming. That was the only exercise I could do at the time. In the water is the only place I don’t feel pressure on my joints. I swim at least four days a week, each time only thirty minutes or so, but it’s good. I’ve recovered my strength. I feel very energized after swimming.

My husband enjoys swimming on the weekend and he says he has lost weight. All together, our family enjoys ping pong and my son likes the foosball because it’s soccer.

The Rye Y is a good place. Even in the winter we can enjoy basketball, ping pong and swimming.