Rye Y Story Project: Xavier

XavierXavier, age 5, told his story along with his mother, Hayley.

Xavier: We just moved here and we decided to go to the Y.

Hayley: We live a few blocks away and when you’re growing up you hear that song “YMCA,” so I was curious. When I went in and saw that they have a lot of stuff for the kids I signed up.

Xavier: My mom takes me to play basketball. I like to play in the game room. I like to go to the daycare.

Hayley: I like to go into the sauna and go swimming. I also do kickboxing. When I first started, I came for the prenatal yoga and to stay fit. Now that I’ve had the baby, I’m looking to get back on track. I’m looking into other classes, maybe swimming. But I love the sauna—that’s my favorite part. I worked at a gym in TriBeCa but it wasn’t like this. This is larger and has a different variety of things. I’ve met a lot of people here. Xavier went to camp here and we’ve had playdates because of that. Being at the Y has definitely helped him make friends.

Xavier: I have a newborn brother, now he turned three months old. At school, I made him a birthday card. When he was first born, I never took him to the Y because he was first born, but I read him stories.