Rye Y Story Project: Sarah

SarahI live around the corner and joined over 10 years ago as a single parent. My kids were 6 and 10 then and the Y was a very welcoming place. They both took swim lessons. My daughter started Karate when she was 8 and is still doing it at the age of 17 with the same instructor. She is a black belt now and an assistant sensei. It has been an amazing experience for her – the longest student/teacher relationship she has ever had. She wrote about it for a college essay. My son met a good friend of his through a racquetball class when he was ten, now he is 21 and they are still friends. My children both went to summer camp here – my son was a counselor and my daughter a C.I.T. They grew up here.

For me, the big attraction is the pool. Sometimes it’s crowded, but the scheduling is done well – it seems to work and the leadership is responsive. I’ve been very happy here and find it reasonable financially. You find people from different communities here together – Port Chester, Rye – wealthy, non-wealthy. The scholarships are wonderful. The Y is a stable reference point for people. A lot of good stuff happens at this place. It is a major reason why I live in Rye.