Rye Y Story Project: Rebecca

RebeccaI was an electrical engineering major at University of Maryland and after college worked in the corporate world. I didn’t find it inspiring. I was constantly looking for a mentor to help me learn and grow.

My mother became sick with breast cancer and I wanted to have more time to help her. I left my job and bartended for a while at P.F. Chang’s. I couldn’t stand the idea of going back to the corporate world. I didn’t want to live a stressful life. I noticed that some people who commuted into the city to work couldn’t wait to leave. I wanted to find something that I enjoyed, that had unlimited learning potential.

Maiju’s Pilates class here changed my body. I became stronger and leaner. I felt really thankful after class and it made me want to help other people. With Pilates and Yoga, you became more connected to your body and breath and emotions. You’re changing yourself in different ways. My mother had poor posture and that impeded the quality of her life and made treatment more difficult during cancer.

I became certified in Yoga and Pilates and started teaching at the Y. In order to help people physically, you have to help them mentally and emotionally. People hold on to so much tension. If the body isn’t opened, then it is difficult to change. I want to stay in the wellness industry – who knows how I’ll evolve. I find constant contact with different people fascinating. I feel fortunate to be at the Y and love the warmth and goodness of the people here.