Rye Y Story Project: Michael and Megan

Michael & MeganMichael: We’ve been members for about eight years. Swimming was the main attraction. We live around water. My sister-in-law has a pool. My wife Karen and I did the parent-swim classes with the kids. Now, Megan is on the practice swim team and [son] Ronan is on the pre-team. We’re here at least twice a week. I think the Y has one of the better swim programs.
The kids also started music lessons, sports programs and even went to the Y summer camp for several years. But most important is the people who work here and we have been fortunate enough to meet one of our babysitters here.
Megan (age 9): I did gymnastics when I was four. One of my favorite things is if my homework is finished and I’m changed out of my bathing suit, I like to play ping pong with my dad.
Michael: I work out occasionally. I’m going to start swimming because I’m going to do a couple triathlons next year. I used to do triathlons years ago and now I’m trying to do it as an old man, to see if my body holds up. So, I’ll definitely use the Y to train for that. My goal is to do the New York Triathlon in August 2014.