Rye Y Story Project: Margaret

MargaretI’ve lived in Rye for seven years. My husband and I moved here from Charlotte, NC with our three young children. We joined the Y as soon as we arrived. I signed my children up for summer camp so I could unpack boxes, right when we moved in! The kids have taken gymnastics and swimming lessons, and I always used the childcare so I could work out in the fitness center or take group ex classes.

At the Y, I would see people I knew from my kids’ school. To this day, from chatting with people in class, I learn what books to read, what the good restaurants in town are, and what’s going on in the community. I would come Monday through Friday, so I saw the regular members and became friendly with them.

Three years ago, I was in a Group Ex class with Diana and Maiju and they asked if I would be interested in becoming an instructor for the new Group Step class they were launching. I said yes. I started training, was certified, and started teaching classes. I do this once a week.

In early 2013, I applied for an opening in the development office. I thought the Y would be a good place to work because I’ve always found comfort here. It’s familiar. And I didn’t even know about all the good work the Y does. After I started working in the development office and learned about it, I was blown away.

I like the people here. I like knowing that what I do has an impact on people who are in need. And the instructing has helped me break out of my comfort zone, which gave me confidence. I have found that the Y, not just the Rye Y, but all the Y’s I’ve been involved in, has been my salvation.