Rye Y Story Project: Lisa S.

LisaAbout 8 years ago, I moved to Rye from the city. I’m a choreographer in New York City and needed somewhere to train on a daily basis with good facilities. The Group Ex studio here has a great floor for dancing and mirrors and I use it to dance when it is empty. It’s a lifesaver for me and saves me a lot of time. I actually choreographed part of the live stage shows of Disney’s High School Musical upstairs.

I work out in the Fitness Center and take classes that best relate to me as a dancer. My partner Bill and I often come to the Y together. Bill has a daughter and the Y has given us a common ground to be a family. She was part of the swim team for a while and we were here together for her meets. I’m a scuba diver and she was introduced to scuba diving at the Y. It was a nice way for us to bond.

The staff is so friendly, especially the parking attendants. I look forward to seeing their faces every day.