Rye Y Story Project: Laura

LauraI was planning to become a NYC Police officer when my husband Pete (then boyfriend) suggested I apply for position in the Fitness Center here. I was hired during the flood of 2007 and later decided not to pursue the police exams. I progressed from a floor trainer to a personal trainer to a supervisor to my current full time position, Member Wellness Coordinator. I appreciate the encouragement and opportunity to grow here.

My motivation for becoming a personal trainer was to work with the senior and special needs population. I want to be able to help my Mom and other adults as they age. I also feel that there is a real need for trainers who are comfortable working the with special needs population. My greatest success in life so far was helping two members walk again – one after suffering a stroke and the other after being confined for many years to a wheelchair.

It is very satisfying to be part of the Y community. Members and staff here have known me at different stages of my life – when I got engaged, when I got married. I’ve worked at commercial gyms and I refuse to go back to them. The Y is a warm place – members help each other and engage with each other. It is not just about bettering themselves, but bettering each other.